01 July 2010

Stunt cycling at the South Bank

Bike stunts last night at Watch This Space, the summer season of free outdoor entertainment in the artificial-grass square outside the National Theatre.

The trick cycling came from graduates of the London circus training school Circus Space. You can see more two-wheeled acrobatics in their dress rehearsal tonight at 10pm, and their full performances on Friday and Saturday at 10pm, and Sunday at 1pm.

However, someone ought to have a word with them about their bike. It appears to lack independent front brakes, thus contravening the Pedal Cycles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1983 (Statutory Instrument 1983 No. 1176).

And they weren't wearing helmets or reflective clothing.

(The Watch This Space area is right next to the departure point for Critical Mass, another sort of cycling circus.)

Nevertheless, watch and learn. Such tumbling and manoeuvring skills will be very useful for negotiating the dog-legs, hairpins and discontinuities of the Cycle Superhighways opening later this month.


  1. Bikes without brakes are quite legal off the public highway, I assume - I mean, they wouldn't have given Chris Hoy a knighthood otherwise, would they?

  2. Hello!
    I'm the trick cyclist on the picture and I just discovered this article today in the same time that your page.
    These bikes are made especially for artistic cycling and circus (mainly in Germany) and are of course, not used on the streets!
    Anyway, thanks for your article!

    Alice Allart