08 July 2010

And how about bike maintenance on room service?

Hooray for the Newark North Muskham Travelodge, which positively encouraged me to take my bike into my room the other night. The safest bike parking there is - depending on who you're sleeping with, I suppose.


  1. I had the same experience at the Exeter Travelodge. They even moved me into the disabled room which had more space for it.

  2. And when I checked in to the Ibis just behing Euston Station I brought my bike in with me. I They didn't bad an eyelid when I leant it up next to the desk.

    What Travelodge and Ibis have in common is that they are modern, spartan hotels with fuss-free decoration, lifts and uncomplicated corridor layouts.

  3. We stayed in Yorks Premier Lodge last year with a tandem. The bike shed was being used as laundry storage!

    Not a problem though as they let us use a door behind the kitchen that was locked at night.