09 July 2010

Bend ahead: Another quirky student bike design

This curious invention was featured in the Daily Mail yesterday. A student designer has devised a sort of bike-with-brewer's-droop that folds around lampposts and self-locks to them.

Hmm. Looks a bit cumbersome to us, and doesn't protect the wheels. In bike parking solutions, simple is usually best. We think Anthony Lau's Cyclehoop, and a couple of decent locks, are more practical.

Still, it's good to encourage novel approaches to bike security, because theft is a big problem. We also learned yesterday from BikeHugger that, when the original Star Trek series was being filmed, Leonard Nimoy - with Spock-like logic - used a bike to beat the lunch queues. William Shatner - with Kirk-like excitability - got so fed up being beaten to the burger and fries that he stole the bike.


  1. With Kirk that would've been Vegan burger and fries.

    Why are you linking to the Daily Mail? Surely some nicer papers are covering this bike as well?

  2. I saw that at the New Designers exhibition today, over at the Business Design Centre. I did point out that the mock signpost at the stand was rather short and you could easily lift the bike over, though - you would have to use an actual lamp-post that is tall enough. I also saw that awful set of traffic lights on Clerkenwell Road hasn't been sorted yet...

  3. [As in these ones:] http://realcycling.blogspot.com/2010/03/beyond-our-ken-on-clerkenwell-rd.html

  4. It saves the drunks the effort of bending your bicycle for you - although if the wheels bent too, that would be better.