07 July 2010

Are we sitting comfortably? Two on a Brompton

You don’t see many Bromptons with a child seat, but it can be done. The seat on this chap’s is a standard production model which, apparently, isn’t made any more, whatever it was. Obviously you have to remove it before you can fold the bike up, but he says it only takes a minute or so.

He’s never had any problems. But it’s doubtful anyone would dare make child seats for folders, on health and safety grounds. And if they did, they’d probably have to come with a warning sign saying REMOVE CHILD FROM SEAT BEFORE FOLDING BICYCLE.

1 comment:

  1. A much better solution is the itChair http://www.itchair.info/ which is an extra frame section with small saddle. Folds up with the bike (albeit a good deal heavier). Child sits between your arms and knees and without a big seat to bang your knees on.

    My son used our very happily from 3 to 6 and I then sold it on ebay for only £13 less than I paid for it.