23 July 2010

It's Barking: Bike lanes blocked by blank signs

It's always frustrating when cycle tracks are blocked by roadworks signs, such as this example on the A13 just east of Barking.

Still, they're there for a good purpose. We need the signs to give us directions and information.

After all, if you didn't have signs, you'd just have chaos, with nobody knowing where to go.

A good sign is concise and clear. These signs don't waste a word.

Just west from here is the start of the new CS3, from Barking to Tower Bridge. Obviously, being a Cycle Superhighway, the cycle track is different from the sort of nonsense you see here.

Instead of green nonsense, it's blue nonsense, as we'll see in tomorrow's post.


  1. I Hate it when Cycleways are just used to facilitate Motorists with Emergency signs. They have no possible benefit for Cyclists and yet they block the Cycle Lane for no reason. It does not give Info for Cyclists just Motorists,there is nothing wrong with the Cycle Lane.

    There is a total lack of Respect for the Cyclist.

  2. I have followed your blog for a while, as a keen cyclist myself I admire your advocacy on issues you clearly feel strongly about. However... its also repetitive and really quite boring. How about some positive articles every now and again?

  3. @Stu - sorry you feel that way.

    Looking back at July's posts, a rough count suggests:
    11 negative posts, almost all about the Cycle Superhighways
    16 positive or quirky-neutral posts

    That seems reasonable to me in the launch month of the Superhighways, but I'll try to make things a bit more positive and interesting.

  4. I cycled along here Friday. I was testing out CS3 and must have overshot the end onto National Cycle Route 13(?). I didn't think it was a major problem there's tons of room along there.

    I'll be interested to see what you write about CS3. I don't know what it was like before it was painted blue but I was very impressed by it all. Mostly on it's own separate part of the pathway and where it's on roads the signs seemed to encourage me to cycle in the middle of the road rather than jammed in the gutter.