16 July 2010

Relief from CS7: Gently amusing pics for Friday

It's easy to criticise the Cycle Superhighways. Which is why we all enjoy doing it so much.

But it's time for a rest before Monday's launch officially unleashes the Cobalt Calamities on the world. So here's four amusing, non-Superficial-Cycleway-bashing, pictures from my photographic slush pile.

Cycle parking in the City is thin on the ground, but there are some places where you can improvise. This statue of Cigarette Packet Man isn't quite as alluring as the naked ladies of the fountain near Tower Bridge, but it's handy for Shoe Lane library.

While this - which reminds me of those student graduation projects for a 'radical new design of bike' - adorns the entrance gate to Regents Canal towpath on Lisson Grove in Islington, just down from the Beatles' Abbey Road crossing.

And this is the Bicycle Magic shop in Greatorex St, near Brick Lane, in east London. We like this.

Clearly it's been inspired by real life, such as this cycle path in Greenwich.

But there are worse examples out there. As we shall find out on Monday...

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