04 July 2010

More colourful bikes

This interesting pair of bikes, locked to opposite sides of the same pole and presumably belonging to a couple, caught my eye just off Oxford St the other day.

One was pure white, the other tube-of-sweets multicoloured.

What your bike's paint job says about you I'm not sure, but for the record, my town bike is grey, grubby, pockmarked and cheap-looking. So there must be something in it.


  1. Now, I'm not normally superstitious, but the idea of riding a white bike around kinda nerves me a bit...

  2. Outwith the dark blue 1950s Claud Butler they are all black and even that one is so dark blue it's almost black.

    The custom built ones have red contrasts. The Bromptons are just black apart from the Ti bits on the superlight.

    The next one is likely to be a Pashley Roadster 26 Sovereign which is only available in black.

  3. Those white tyres as well as the white paint suggest it might be a ghostbike, rather than one in active use...