19 July 2010

Cycle Superhighways launch podcast

In this special podcast for the launch this morning of the Cycle Superhighways, we talk to a bike shop and to three London cyclists to see what they make of the new blue stripes on the road. Boon or bluewash? Hear what they have to say...

Hear podcast (5min 41sec, MP3, 3.9MB)


  1. Superficial cycleways.......so true! I wonder how many new cyclists will be brave enough to use the new cycle hire bikes on these blue paint jobs?

    weekly bike commuter from C7 to C3

  2. Nice podcast. Can we have a post & photos on the mirrors at junctions, please?

  3. Just about to listen to the PC - but you seemed to have a useful link the other day to some notes about cheap audio kit for blogcasting purposes, and now it's gone.

  4. Martin (5 mins later)Monday, 19 July, 2010

    Hey! Jolly good! Apart form anything else it's nice to hear what your actual voice sounds like.

    (and how do you find time to actually *do* all this stuff?)