15 July 2010

Keep having to brake on CS7? Could be a dodgy Cable

I blogged yesterday about the problems of legally parked cars blocking the Superficial Cycleways.

Illegally parked lane-blockers are even worse - as the Kennington People on Bikes blog reports today.

I've a good mind to write to an MP to complain. Perhaps that Vince Cable bloke, as he seems pretty astute... oh.


  1. See because they painted the double yellow lines on too, some people will think they can park or stop along them at certain times. Maybe they should have been double red lines...or just a pure and simple no cars on the blue lanes rule. Oh well.

  2. If you look a bit further up the road you can see a particularly wonderful bit of road 'infrastructure' mentioned on another blog (commenting on these "super highways"). The solid white line means the lane isn't advisory... leaving the motorist about 3 feet of road space. I'd love to see someone actually comply with that rule :P

  3. actually, @Mike, that 3 foot wide motor lane is mentioned on this blog. It looks too narrow for anything bigger than a Honda C90...

  4. @Mike - well spotted, to see something so narrow at such a distance! This blog posted about it last Sunday.