30 June 2010

Cop this: ES on the City's bike police

Interesting article about the City of London bike squad the other day in the London Evening Standard.

The City's squad of a dozen-ish includes a pair of female officers (right), as we found out at a Bike Week breakfast at St Paul's last week.

One thing in the article that caught my eye was the pen-sized video recorder the bike police wear clipped to their helmet. It runs records on a continuous loop, so that when they hit 'record' it starts recording everything from there as normal, but with the previous 20 seconds recorded too.

Sounds just the sort of thing we need to back our occasional disputes with buses and taxis. Or with police officers telling us to stop taking pictures and videos of that cycle lane because it might help terrorists plant a dirty bomb.


  1. I've always wanted to film my cycle ride to or from work! Then I'd speed it up and put it to some cute indiepop song I like. Want one of these! (As well as for the important uses you mention.)

  2. Other than this one, can you think of any indiepop bike songs?