17 June 2010

Short measures: London's shortest street changes

Trivia fans will be disappointed to learn that Clennam St (right), just south of Tate Modern, is no longer the shortest street in London. Its 85-foot (26m) length has been pedestrianised, making it the pavement-table spillway for the excellent Lord Clyde pub.

The shortest London street I can find now - a genuine named street, that is, a thoroughfare with its own entrance and exit and buildings along it - is Candover St (right), a little north of Oxford St. It's a comparatively whopping 135 feet (41m).


  1. Try Ducal Street E2. So small it doesn't even have a name plate and is only 2-3 car lengths long.

  2. Ah, but Ducal St is a cul-de-sac, so it's not a proper street (a thoroughfare, with both an entrance and exit) like Candover. I paced it out at about 130 feet. (It's a remnant street, like Leigh Hunt St off Southwark Bridge Road, a thirty-foot-long appendix of a road - the shortest cul-de-sac, and named street, I know of in London.)