17 June 2010

Michelin Man is real cyclist shock

Michelin House, on Fulham Road in west London (aka Bibendum restaurant, too pricey for us), is a rather fine thing to cycle past. We did just that yesterday, as relief from investigating tediously inadequate cycle facilities.

Among its decorations are two cycle-related items: a depiction of a chap with a moustache winning a cycle race...

...and the Michelin Man riding a bike with no hands.

Wearing his normal clothes, evidently a pile of tyres, or possibly iced doughnuts. Without a helmet. Smoking a cigar.

And looking like he's thoroughly enjoying himself.

Definitely a real cyclist, then.


  1. Are you sure that's a cigar? There are trails coming from both ends-- it looks more like he's flying a stunt kite.

  2. He also appears to be on a fixie.

  3. been a cigar kind of day; laps this morning included the Inner Circle at Regent's Park, and a gent parked his land rover, alighted, and then enjoyed a cigar between the time it took us to circumnavigate and return. Perhaps something to do with Taste London?