23 June 2010

Bearing fruit: Yet more Bike Week Breakfasts

Two more free breakfast experiences today. The first, hitting the ground running at 7am in a hot and sunny London Fields, was that of Hackney Cyclists.

The spread given by the Permeable Borough proved Bike Week's finest: Harvest-Festival sized crates of fresh fruit, bucketloads of real coffee, hillocks of croissants and muffins...

...plus, trumping the other boroughs, a vat of porridge, complete with preserves and bowls of seedy and fruity bits for your garnishing pleasure.

If the Hackney guys raise the bar any further next year, it'll be smoked salmon and chilled Krug.

Across the city at Ossulston Street, just by the British Library, was another breakfast provided by a coalition of Camden Cyclists, Barnet et al (right). The age profile was noticeably older here than Hackney's young-professionals-and-families milieu.

There was more cake'n'coffee / juice'n'jam action here, and a wide range of complimentary cycle items to take away. Reflectors for your wheel to give night-time drivers something to aim at; miracle metallic trouser bands that snap instantly from ruler-straight to snailshell-coil; Camden-branded water bottles to ferry your chilled Krug.


  1. Looks like those Hackney cyclists put on a feast! Am hungry now...

  2. Danger with all this breakfast blogging is the enlarged waistline as I'm sure the food had to be sampled!

    Out here in north London we are too poor for cycle breakfasts and suck on t'damp cloth in't middle of Cockfosters!