09 June 2010

Bad bike lanes, the spice of life

This is the cycle lane on New Rd, in east London just south of Whitechapel Road. Turn left here and you're in Fieldgate St, home of the outstanding Tayyab restaurant. It serves superb quality curries at very reasonable prices; no wonder it's always so full. But if you can't get a table, at least there's this bike lane - either crashing you into the kerb or abruptly chucking you into the traffic - to quicken the pulse, raise the sweat, and exercise the bowels. Who needs a vindaloo when you're cycling in London?


  1. The recently constructed lanes around here seem to direct cyclists up onto the curb, around the tree, and then have them stop on the pavement and wait to re-join the traffic.

    What a sensible idea of someones that was having cyclists stop and wait safely on the pavement. [/irronic]

    I'm starting to think cycle lanes arn't to aid cycling they're to get cyclists off the road.

  2. Well, Red Bike, there are two species of cycle lane:

    Cyclanus Britannis - a pathetic weed found along the sides of roads. maximum span typically 1 metre

    Fietspad Hollandis - a magnificant flower flowing across the land. maximum span typically 4 metre

    I suggest we eradicate the former and introduce the latter, however the latter is hindered by lack of "nutritional resources" and has barely been "planted" anywhere outside its native land