18 June 2010

Out of the blue: Cycle Superhighways' night manoeuvres

Ah: so that's how they do it - under cover of darkness. En route home last night, about 10.30pm, I saw the contractors for the Superficial Cycleways swilling out the blue paint and gravelly stuff just outside Kennington tube station for CS7.

The two things that surprise you are:
a) the smell: a pervasive resin sweetness, like dripping-ripe pears;
b) how fast these guys work - they don't muck about.

So, overnight, like a silent fall of cobalt snow, Kennington Park Road now has its own stretch of Superficial Cycleway, out of a tin. Like spray-on blue tan, it's that easy!


  1. Even more impressive is the way they paint over mostly red lines and yellow boxes and paint them back again!

    Masters of their art

  2. Amazing that blue paint is so expensive - I'm sure B&Q could of got them a discount..