12 June 2010

Have I got nudes for you: World Naked Bike Ride

Nice and sunny in Hyde Park this afternoon for the World Naked Bike Ride. There were 1100 cyclists in various states of undress, so the coppers on duty told me with a rather weary smile.

As they assembled in the park, the fleshy fietsers were vastly outnumbered by scrums of tourists and passers-by taking snaps.

Let's hope they have digital cameras and not traditional film that needs processing, as many laboratories are a bit touchy about this sort of thing these days.

There was a festive and smiley atmosphere to it all. There was the odd pervy bloke parading a bit too enthusiastically, but everyone else was just celebrating the occasion, many with amusing body-paint slogans, and it was very good-natured.

I didn't care to join them, and left before the main ride set off. When it comes to situations of proximity between sharp, fast-moving pieces of metal and soft protruding anatomy, I quickly side with the Health and Safety department.

Of course, you can't help surreptitiously glancing round and sizing up other people's equipment. There's all shapes and sizes on display, but you come away with the reassuring thought that yes, actually, your bike frame is about right for your height.


  1. Mine is too small. I keep trying to raise the saddle to compensate for the small frame, but it doesn't want to stay up.

    Oooh, err.

  2. Hehe. I saw the two gold men too. I've never seen so many naked people in my life.
    Whatever floats your boat I suppose.

    Was funny when over Westminster Bridge, large group of Brownies were also crossing at the same time...oh the poor kids didn't know which way to look.