24 March 2010

More bike lane mental blocks

Perhaps enthused by yesterday's post on the unveiling of a new map of London Bike Hire Scheme stations, one reader of this blog went out to inspect the progress of the one by Lambeth North station on Baylis Road. This is what he found.

Charlie writes (and snaps): "I can't help but feel that the car with its Highway Maintenance banner that is parked in the cycle lane protected by a plastic bollard may be something to do with the construction team adjacent who are hard at work on... installing the cycle hire station.

"Luckily there was an emergency telephone number on the site fencing so Serco, who are running the cycle hire scheme, were informed of the obstruction and hopefully managed to remove the offending vehicle.

"Meanwhile it would appear that pavement cycling is being encouraged on the London Cycle Network 3 where, despite quite prominent on road signage to the contrary, someone has managed to inadvertently block the entire width of Cornwall Road with Heras fencing."


  1. The same thing as in Cornwall Road is currently happening on the cycle bypass at the south of Bond Street (or Old/New Bond Street). It's been blocked for more than a month now, its completely obstructibng the bypass and I never saw any workers (at 8:50 in the moning)...

    It looks like a mesure from westminster council to reduce bike usage in favor of large priavte vicles. This route is indeed very popular with cyclists...

  2. "I can't help but feel that the car with its Highway Maintenance banner that is parked in the cycle lane..."

    Given that the car was probably visiting the work in progress, I can't help but wonder where on earth Charlie would expect it to be parked.

    I suppose bus stops are another problem :>P

  3. Ian - cycle lanes are not intended to be used as temporary car parks when nothing else is available. Unless the car was displaying a disabled badge, the driver presumably could have parked nearby and walked to his inspection site like a normal person (walking, remember that?)

  4. Yes Adam I can walk.

    I can also ride around an obstacle without ranting about it.

    If the car in the photo was displaying a disabled badge, it would still be parked there.

  5. Which side are you on, Ian? Unless the visiting office is disabled, his car has to be parked in a legal parking space. There might be some leeway for unloading gear. Having to ride around illegally parked cars is one of the reasons that people without your levels of skill and confidence choose not to cycle.

  6. Tim, i'm on the side of the cyclist - whether that be experienced, novice, or even just someone thinking about it; and appreciate your point about confidence.

    However, that doesn't change what is a downside of a cycle lane. The basic physics of the thing - it's next to the curb - exactly where any vehicle (including a bicycle) would stop, for whatever reason right or wrong.

    As you have hinted, they may offer a confidence boost - but they are only a line of paint & don't offer any real protection.