13 March 2010

How much respect for bike lanes? Vauxhall

The 'cycle lane' that runs - well, limps, more like - round Vauxhall roundabout is an obstacle course enough. You have to give way every five seconds to side roads, wait at a dozen lights, and often dismount and push.

But this morning it was even more of a challenge. First, because of the sign (right) helpfully advising cyclists that they have to move to the side, to avoid the sign advising them to move to the side.

Second, because of the van (right) delivering tiles.

Well, that's appropriate: Vauxhall roundabout is enough to make anyone's eyes glaze over.

And yet again, the number plate...

1 comment:

  1. You have missed one of the highlights of the Vauxhall cycle paths. The one southbound under the rail arches come out in front of a toliet that rises from the ground and associated bollards.

    On a sunday evening/night you won't even get that far as all the drinkers from the Royal Vauxhall Taven will be blocking the way.

    Gave up using this cycle path a few years back.