02 March 2010

Brush with a bike-symbol artist

They're resurfacing the bike path at the east side of Hyde Park. The Bicycle Artist was at work, making his highly symbolic cement-paint creations.

He's a practised hand. It takes him less than five minutes to do a bike.

He must be a proper artist, not just an artisan, because he expresses himself mainly through his art, not words. How many bikes can you paint in a day? Oh, quite a few. How long have you been doing this? Oh, quite a while. How many bike lanes do you do in a week? Oh, now you're asking. Quite a lot.

So that's two artists in two days, following Real Cyclist Ed Gray yesterday. Wonder if this chap does commissions? He could do some in our front yard.


  1. I'm always mesmerised when I see them paint words on the road. Such a skill.

  2. Can't believe they don't use stencils. Even the graffiti artists do!

  3. He must hate painting the tiny thin lanes with weird, warped bike logos about as much as I hate riding them.

  4. I thought that they were supposed to use pre-cut sections to do the 'cycle' symbol now. (http://freddio.ueuo.com/cyclelanes/1057.html)

    Otherwise they can go very wrong! http://www.flickr.com/photos/67439346@N00/465242280/in/pool-1283676@N23