20 March 2010

French whine: Taxi parking in Bordeaux

Regular readers will know the extraordinary coincidence that, whenever I take a photo of a vehicle blocking a bike lane, the number plate is appropriate.

So I was pleased to see the effect is not limited to London, as this snap of a taxi at Bordeaux station (right) sent me today from our French correspondent demonstrates. (Merci, Tim. Anyone have experience of French taxi drivers? Do they tell you how they once had that Johnny Halliday in the back of their cab and he was a proper gent, and that Jean-Marie le Pen should be running the country?)


  1. Now, this one is just great and very well-positioned (strictly in the centre) too!

  2. It does look like one of those lifts on an aircraft carrier that lower Harriers and Sea Kings down into the bowels of the ship.