24 March 2010

Lidl bit of advice: Bargains in store. Maybe

Lidl, the bargain-basement supermarket chain, is running a bike promotion right now. Among the promised cheap items are bike light sets for £10, bike hoists for £5, and computers for £4.

Hunting round stores in previous promotions I've been disappointed. I've only ever seen bike shorts and drinking bottles actually on sale. Perhaps it's just as well, given my history with bike computers. No sooner have I established that my house is 216 calories from Kings Cross and the journey takes place at an average altitude of 19 feet than it gets stolen, broken, left on the Cambridge milk train, or reset by a rainshower to 26 inch wheels.

Still, maybe worth a look if you're passing a Lidl. You can always stock up on Arabic-language bottles of lemonade, Portuguese baked beans and Lithuanian chocolate while you're there.


  1. You buy cheap, you buy twice. Apart from the socks, the quality of Lidl's cycling gear is pretty poor (as I have learned from repeated experience). The shorts become misshapen after 2-3 washes, the shirts have an amazing ability to trap the smell of sweat, without being able to absorb any moisture, and the long-sleeved tops are about as breathable as a full-body wrap. And the wireless computers are so sensitive, a passing car playing their radio will bump your current speed up to 72mph.

  2. Phew. Good thing I have no money to spend. It sounds like I'm avoiding saving a lot of money!