11 March 2010

How to never have a bike stolen again

I was pleased to see this Christiania bike parked in posh Connaught Square, between Hyde Park and Paddington Station, the other day, taking up a fraction of the parking space of the family car next to it.

But isn't it a little vulnerable there, secured to itself with only a cheap cable lock? No! Not at all, thanks to the 24/7 police presence next door, guarding the residence of former PM Tony Blair.

(There are more coppers round the back in the quaint mews of Archery Close - they were quite helpful when I nosed around there, pointing out more picturesque back streets to explore - no, seriously.)

So that's a little tip for you, there: don't bother with expensive category-15 D-locks - just move in next door to someone who might have rubbed up a few people the wrong way after starting an unwinnable war on a trumped-up premise.

The officer on duty did come and ask me what I was doing, in a civil and ultimately friendly manner actually, but she beat a quick retreat when I started talking in depth about cycle blogging, changes in contraflow sign regulations, and how continental brakes are the other way round to British brakes. Another little tip for you, there.


  1. One day you'll meet a copper who's also a member of the CTC. Then your patented bore-them-with-the-details method of not being arrested for terrorism-related offenses won't work.