03 March 2010

Beyond our ken on Clerkenwell Rd

This splendid new cycle lane was recently installed at the crossroads of Clerkenwell Road and Farringdon Road. So why isn't this cyclist using it? Perhaps he is a smug environmentalist, or likes flouting the rules, or is just a troublemaker?

Er, no. You're simply safer sticking to the road here. Take the cycle lane, and when the lights change you realise there are no signs saying you can go straight on along the footpath - and to do so illegally would risk slaughtering thousands of innocent pedestrians in cold blood - so your only option is to dodge back into the fast-moving traffic. Another example of London cycling's junk DNA.


  1. Haha, I noticed this the other day - the cycle lane leads straight into a sign post on the pavement on the other side of the road... utter crap.

    However, I believe that there used to be a cycle lane 'on the other side' of the junction which has been subsequently filled in. Marvelous joined up thinking!

  2. such an awful junction, with vehicles usually squeezing past you before the lights only to them stop and leave you 6 inches of road. Sounds like most of London's roads!

  3. Yeah-- I think that cycle lane's not new, but I think the pavement is. Until recently (well, until last summer when I last worked near there) there've been fluorescent barriers blocking the cycle lane on 'this' side of the road.

  4. I cycled past this the other day... maddening!

    The path leads you out into no-man's land. Couldn't even consider using.


  5. Still not sorted I'm afraid - there is a barrier to stop you entering it and a sign diverting you onto the road, as of about 2pm today...