19 March 2010

Heady wearing: Spring cycle clothing

Spring is here, which means thousands of London commuters will be tempted to get their bikes out the shed and get some exercise - fruitlessly trying to pump up the tyres.

It also means you can put all those bulky warm winter layers, hats and scarves back in the closet, and cycle in your comfy everyday clothes. So, for our fairly regular Friday Onion ripoff, we've put together a 'statshot': spoof figures made up for your entertainment, a bit like a TfL press release. We ask...

What are we wearing to cycle to work?
4% Reynolds 531 facial piercings
6% fairtrade, sustainably-sourced lycra
9% T-shirt saying 'I'm not a smug cyclist, I'm just pleased because I'm better than you'
14% rims, thanks to badly adjusted brakes
17% everyday skirt and high heels - but wife understands and is OK about it
22% wry smile
28% helmetcam, so inquest can see what really happened


  1. Apparently cycling in high heels makes a lot of sense. At a recent meeting of Cambridge Cycling Campaign, at which a fashion designer talked about her range of cycling clothers for women, I heard the view of one woman who said that cycling was the ideal way of getting around town on high heels: it was much easier than walking on them...

  2. :) he he you rock!

    hey just saw you write for cycling plus!? apparently i was in it in january 2008..do u know how i can get a copy that old? x

  3. Nice clothing there. It must be eye catching when they ride on street.

  4. hahaha love it! Those clothes are so funny, imagine all the people in the streets with their bikes and costumes like those!