12 March 2010

Good bike parking sent to Coventry

The bike parking provided by employers in London usually varies from not very good to not very good at all. Usually you just have to take your chance on the street, looking forlornly round for a lamppost like a dog with a bad prostate.

But this is exemplary. I'm doing some temporary work at the QCDA, one of those government bodies you've never quite heard of, but which presumably does something important, such as providing public sector jobs. (I'll only be here a few days, so I might not find out what they do.)

And look! Their Piccadilly office provides secure, covered, spacious bike parking (right) in its basement, complete with lockers and showers, all of it well used. It's especially welcome, as Piccadilly's street parking for bikes is virtually non-existent.

So full marks to the QCDA... except that they're moving out and relocating to Coventry by the end of March. Calling all bike-friendly medium-sized companies: a exciting location has become available in central London...


  1. Try Kew - a proper bike shed (which has to be cleared out occasionally as it's so full) and permits to allow staff to cycle across the gardens when it's open.

  2. I had a proper bike parking basement area with lockers and showers in the High Holborn area. As my company worked in the construction business, I'm sure that area has been freed up for an interested prospective tenant too...