10 March 2010

Video Benz the truth over coffee and bikes

Velorution's stylish blog has drawn our attention to a silly video promoting Mercedes Benz, which apparently is some sort of motor vehicle manufacturer.

The video shows a commuter race between a cycle courier and a man driving a Merc. The courier wins, though only because he ignores 'traffic rules' (right).

Also, he had urgent dance music to cycle to, whereas Mercman only had languid baritone sax and vibes, and some people lazily clicking their fingers, which clearly slowed him down.

However, the driver is the real winner. Because, as the two share some coffees afterwards, the cyclist realises with envy that the automobile can supply something he can only dream of: heated footwells and multiple cupholders (right). Damn! But of course! No wonder cycling only has a two per cent modal share!

I need hardly point out that this video is a travesty, a farrago, a calumny, and what my old British Library colleagues would have learnedly called a tissue of bollocks. Because of course bicycles have cupholders (right).

How else do you think I get that bottle of wine home from the supermarket without panniers?

1 comment:

  1. Haha, 'a tissue of bollcoks'; Rob you have such a way with words!

    And indeed I've seen handle-bar mounted cup holders for sale at Lock 7 in Hackney; somehting like this:

    There they will fix your bike, sell you the cup holder AND make you a decent coffee. When was the last time Kwik Fit did something like that?!

    But who cares about experiencing your own community, not dieing of heart disease, saving thousands of pounds AND the environment (oh, did I mention not running down small children?) when you can heated footwells?? They've got me on that one....