11 March 2010

Two more cyclists die

Cyclist killed by truck: for some media, it's hardly news any more. But the two deaths on Tuesday (in SE1) and Wednesday (in E9) this week can't go unmentioned here.

There are questions about the truck involved in the SE1 killing, and what it was doing down a side road in the first place. Was it a construction lorry for the works at the Shard, taking a shortcut it shouldn't have?


  1. and by chance a female cyclist seriously injured in Cambridge yesterday - aftermath at www.cyclestreets.net/location/21322/ and 21323

  2. Tragic. And maddening.

    I hadn't heard about the Cambridge incident-- it's near my evening route.

  3. And whilst reading today's Guardian I came across the obituary of Professor David Vilaseca, who was killed "by a skip lorry as he rode his bicycle near his home at London Bridge" on 9th February.


  4. Even non-cyclists are talking about the carnage...