09 March 2010

Glove story: Warm hands in winter

Just in time for the finish of the coldest English winter since blogging began comes a new product to keep cyclists’ hands warm.

The BarBra (right) from Canada is the bike version of those grand muffs used by motorcyclists - a snip at £30, including shipment by dogsled from the Yukon.

It isn't the only way to keep hands warm. The ETA article on it helpfully suggests an alternative to the BarBra: heated gloves.

But what other, more practical, ways are there for cyclists to keep hands warm in freezing weather? Here’s some Real Cycling suggestions.

• Vigorous hand exercises to buses and taxis that cut you up

• Keep hands in pockets at all times

• Stay close behind lorries to get benefit of warm exhaust fumes

• Make fire of fixed penalty notices you got for pavement cycling

• Carry mug of tea in each hand

• Stay in bed


  1. The last suggestion sounds the most useful to me. :-) Thank god it never gets that cold here that you would need one of those muffs. There are not very aero.

  2. Cover hands with grease from chain.

    Extend handlebars so that they reach inside your coat.

    Wrap hands with used inner tubes.

    Encase hands in actual bra.

  3. Thirty quid!

    Get a pair of those tiny 'magic gloves' from a pound shop and wear them under your normal gloves. Works for me.

  4. I thought that was why people rode around with phones against their face...?

  5. Luckily I was unemployed for most of the winter, so I can testify that the last solution works well.

    I have also attempted to warm myself at the exhaust grill of buses-- unfortunately it doesn't seem to work that well. Or at least, I don't remember any occasions when it worked well.