31 December 2009

Review of 2009 - 6: Nov, Dec

One of Britain's most scenic and remote mountain roads is the Abergwesyn Pass in mid-Wales - which doesn't narrow it down; most of Wales is mid-Wales - and that was covered in the post of 1 Nov.

Five posts comparing Copenhagen to London ran from 2 Nov to 6 Nov, the inevitable conclusion being that Copenhagen is better for cycling, though London has the edge on pound shops.

With London's forthcoming bike hire scheme in mind, a five-part post from 16 Nov to 20 Nov looked at the schemes in five cities: Copenhagen (freest and best comedy value); Krakow (worst website but cheapest beer); Cardiff (easiest to find your way around - round the bay and, er, back); Brussels (most boring); and Hamburg (best organised).

Another comedy post came on 22 Nov, inspired by news items about dangerous lawnmowers. And on 30 Nov, rock icon Peter Gabriel was revealed as a Real Cyclist, so keen on his Moulton that he even rides it on stage.

Paris's Velib scheme was described enthusiastically on 3 Dec; the lazy arrogant killjoy strikers of Paris's pampered public sector 'workforce', rather less enthusiastically.

This blog's picture of 8 Dec of the refurbed Elephant and Castle by-pass (top) on New Kent Road, painted with more bikes than use the path in a week, came to the attention of the Evening Standard and the Mail, which obviously worried me somewhat.

Another comedy post revealed your cycling horoscope on 9 Dec.

This was a busy month for festive items, with a fairy-lights-festooned bike on 10 Dec, some cycling reindeer on a Christmas-illuminated house on 13 Dec, and a bicycle-wheel Christmas Tree on 15 Dec.

There was a bit of serious-ish stuff too, discussing a rash of new bike contraflows which opened up in London in December.

December rounded off with a review of 2009, finishing up with a review of the review, and a review of the review of the review, and...

Happy New Year!

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