10 December 2009

Nice lights. But where's the fairy?

OK, I give in. I've put Christmas lights on my bike.

It's not particularly that I want to be festive. It's more an extra bit of illumination.

Yes, I already have the reflective jacket, reflective armbands, reflective leg bands, steady front light, flashing front light, steady rear light, flashing rear light, reflective panniers and reflective pedals and front and rear reflectors.

But in this solstice run-up of office-party stumblers struggling to make the tricky discrimination between a six foot bloke on a bicycle and thin air, every little helps. I know from experience it's only a matter of time before I nearly collide with an amiably drunk, party-hatted suit stepping out into the road in front of me, and they say Sorry mate, I didn't see you...


  1. Awesome.

    What did you do? Are they hooked into your dynamo somehow?

  2. Spendid! Just what you need for next year's Dynwich Dynamo ride...

  3. London really is another world...

  4. @Josh - the fairy lights are powered from a battery pack about the size of a banker's wallet. They're perfectly safe so long as you don't put any batteries in.

  5. We will be similarly festive again on this year's Dynamo...

    In this case, it's sixty LEDs powered by six battery packs - including one on each wheel. No point riding a bike through the night unless it's been properly pimped!

  6. I wonder if you could turn this into a safety device.
    LED lights on the bike and on your back/bag with a proximity sensor so when a car/van/bus got too close they start flashing madly. They might give you some more room.
    Might not work so well when filtering past traffic.