27 December 2009

Review of 2009 - 2: Mar, Apr

Comedy cargo was the subject on 4 Mar - transporting ladders, coal bunkers, and metal reindeer by bike – while the performance of Mauricio Kagel's outdoor, er, music, er, work Eine Brise for 111 bicycles was something else to be filed under 'bonkers' on 5 Mar.

London's most hurried bike crossing, the four-second scramble at Wellington Arch, was discussed on 12 Mar, while 18 Mar notified us that the official central point of London is a horse's bum.

Shakespeare was the theme of 25 Mar, which used quotes from the Bard to prove that he must have been a cyclist.

A long series of posts covering all 33 bike crossings of the London Thames, from Teddington to Tilbury, started on 15 Apr, and took up most of the rest of the month - though a bike trip to Spurn Point, one of Britain's strangest bike rides, sneaked in somewhere between Chiswick and Barnes.

April finished with Danny Macaskill's astonishing BMX tricks in Edinburgh in the news, so the blog of 30 Apr took a look at stunt riding, 1869-style: "Mr. Franghiardi, while his machine was proceeding at full speed, took a piece of paper and a pencil, and wrote for about a minute, guiding the vehicle unerringly during the time".

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