10 December 2009

Picture this (and nick the idea)

Tuesday's post about the lavishly decorated new bike path on New Kent Road was taken up by not just the Daily Mail, but also the Evening Standard yesterday.

(The post was mentioned on the excellent SE1 website's Twitter news feed, and picked up by an agency snapper.)

And - as I found out a couple of days ago - all those pictures I took for 'London then and now' for a British Library exhibition have been turned into a slideshow for the BBC website. Ooh, look, there's my name, credited, like those people that send in an iPhone snap of a flood or mobile footage of a dog that's adopted a kitten.

I must go and tell my mum.


  1. That Daily Mail article seems a little confused. Is it elf'n'safety gone mad or are our roads a cycling death trap? Is that a demon wrong-way cyclist in the picture or a plucky Brit defying the nanny state? You can just picture their little neurons fizzing as they try and fashion a consistent Middle England stance out of this one...

  2. He's not going the wrong way, he's just completing the overtake of a bloody photographer who is standing in the cycle path.

    Aaaarggghhhh. I hate the Daily Mail.