26 December 2009

Review of 2009 - 1: Jan, Feb

The end of the year is a time when we're encouraged to take stock. Quite literally, if you believe certain vicars in York. Anyway, between now and New Year's Eve I'll be looking back over 2009 as this blog saw it, starting with January and February...

The blog's first post was on 11 Jan, featuring a spectacular orangey sunset over Waterloo sunset. It was a sign of things to come: for most of the remaining twelve months I was seeing red.

For instance, on 17 Jan, when I was moaning about the so-called 'cycle path' on Nine Elms Lane, a candidate for London's worst.

It wasn't all bad news - we liked the advent of cycle hoops to London's lamp-posts on 19 Jan - and there was a trip to the Brompton factory on 27 Jan, with an exclusive picture of Brompton inventor Andrew Ritchie's bendy slide rule.

The Snow Event on 2 Feb blanketed London with something it had never seen before in these amounts: mobile-phone pictures posted online. Things were still slippery the next day.

Protecting your head against the impact of bad arguments came to the fore on 5 Feb, when the eternal and ultimately boring helmet debate rose again in the wake of another stupid court ruling.

But trivia came to cheer the spirits. London's shortest streets were revealed on 10 Feb, and its narrowest alley confirmed on 12 Feb: the 26-inch wide Emerald Court.

And, just to show the this blog can tackle serious issues too, on 25 Feb we featured a dog riding a bike.

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