16 December 2009

DSA's new TV ad shows real cycling hand signals

The Driving Standards Agency's new TV advert has just gone up on YouTube. It shows an animated man walking out of a 'pedestrian crossing' sign, driving round a cartoonland of other animated figures from road signs, and eventually getting on a bike and riding away into the sunset.

It's nice animation, presumably making the point that, er, the Highway Code is, um, something something something.

And it's good that they've made it reflect the reality of everyday cycling. For example, in the way the car overtakes the cyclist far too closely (above right) and cuts sharply in front of him, even though the road is completely empty.

And, if you look closely (right), you'll see the cyclist demonstrating his knowledge of hand signals in response.


  1. The car is clearly travelling too fast for conditions, since after overtaking the cyclist it spins of the road and crashes into a sign!

  2. Sure...I'm just going out to see what's new in the neighbourhood, IN MY CAR, so I'll see nothing really except all the other people who get in my way and prevent me from getting to my destination as fast as possible..