28 December 2009

Review of 2009 - 3: May, Jun

Handy hints on what to do if stopped by the police came on 13 May, as everyone with a camera is nowadays.

The view from an HGV cab came on 20 May, in a report on one of the increasingly popular police sessions where they get cyclists to sit in the driver's seat and imagine what it would be like to exact revenge by forcing the driver onto a bike and then harrassing him round the Elephant and Castle roundabouts.

Resumption of normal bike parking at Tate Modern on 30 May was celebrated with a fine inverted view of St Paul's through a glass of wine in its top-floor bar,

Smithfield Nocturne (picture) was on 8 Jun, and this blog speculated on 'real cycling' events that might be considered for next year, such as one for bikes carrying the most absurd piece of luggage.

The tube strike on 10 Jun spawned a 'bike tube' guided commuter ride, while 15 Jun featured London's cycling fire brigade - and, er, no, they're not the ones responding to 999 calls.

London's coolest bike shed opened for residents of cycle-friendly Bermondsey Square and was covered on 16 Jun. That was in bike week, and a series of posts covered the many free breakfast and wine opportunities available to the cyclist that week.

Bike week ended with the Solstice Ride in the early hours of 21 Jun to watch the clouds obscuring the midsummer sun come up, and enjoy the magnificent Primrose Hill panorama of London's skyline hidden behind low cumulus.

The weather wasn't great over summer, but a minor heatwave in late June brought out a few more cyclists. Useful tips on how cope with the hot weather came in the post of 30 Jun ("When buying ice-lolly to eat while cycling along, choose safe, reflective flavour such as strawberry or lemon").


  1. ...it's only a matter of time before i get picked up again for riding without a helmet, and last time i was told if they stopped me again they would impound my bicycle - do you think i can photograph that? - you know as they cart it away in their paddy wagon? - i didn't concentrate in that lecture at law school but i think i'll give it a go anyway!!!!

  2. You've lost me, Sue - are you in Spain/Oz/some repressive American state?