20 December 2009

Grout and about: Norwood's bike mosaic

Cycled past this mosaic the other day. It's under the railway bridge by the station in South Norwood. I'm not quite sure what cycle routes it might be celebrating. All I could find was a muddy bridleway across South Norwood park.

And it's not Ravenna. But it could be worse. At least a cartoon bike is better than the unconvincing portraits of famous locals in the Elephant and Castle's notorious subways (or, as the locals fondly call them, 'public toilets'). One, for example, seems to sport a trademark bowler hat, tramp outfit and moustache. I think it's Charles Babbage. Or maybe Florence Nightingale.


  1. There are some more photos (and an explanation) here.

  2. South Norwood station? That were Norwood Junction when I were a nipper.