30 December 2009

Review of 2009 - 5: Sep, Oct

Bike Monopoly - an eight-week troll round the London board by bike, doing a square every weekday - started on 7 Sep with, of course, Go.

On 19 Sep two posts covered one of Britain's oddest roads, a virtually car-free 22-mile-long single-track cul-de-sac in the west of Scotland, and the finishing of the Tour of Britain in central London.

The item next day on the London Skyride on 20 Sep, replete with pictures of crazy bikes (pictures), was one of the most-commented posts of the year.

For 27 Sep our Hamburg correspondent sent amusing picture of a 20-seater bike bus, pedalled by the passengers, from that city's car-free day.

I was recommending one of Britain's best day rides, a circuit of some magnificent Peak District reservoirs, on 10 Oct.

Bike Monopoly finally finished up with Mayfair on 30 Oct.

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