11 December 2009

How to stop drivers on mobiles: call me now

Oh, you're a cyclist, are you? Tell me, why do you all jump red l...

Excuse me... hello? Yes? Oh no, I'm not interested, sorry.

Where was I? Oh yes, you all behave like the rules of the road simply don't app...

Just a minute, sorry about this, I'll turn it off... hello? Oh, hi. Yes, yes, tomorrow's fine. About 11? Great. See you then. Bye.

What was I saying? Ah, the other day, I was waiting in my car at the lights in one of those boxes with a picture of a bicycle in it, and this cyclist came right up in front of me and started shouting at me for some reason, and I thought, how dare y...

Wait a second, sorry again, I'll turn it off I promise... hello? Yes, darling. No, darling. No, of course not. Well, if you must. Oh well, I suppose so. Yes, yes, I love you too. Bye.

So, anyway... oh yes, a friend of mine was walking along the pavement the other day and she was nearly killed by a cyclist coming the other way, and he wasn't even wearing a helmet. I don't care if you are saving the earth, you cyclists are just dangerous.

I mean, I know I shouldn't really be using my mobile, but I'm driving perfectly safely, aren't I?


What parked car? What cyclist?

(More motorists are using mobiles while driving than ever, we learned today)


  1. I was Cycling to my local Supermarket on my Dutch Bike Yesterday in Dublin to get some Groceries,when a Car pulled onto the Cycle lane and Parked. There is a continuous White line meaning no Parking and yet they parked. I came up behind when they stopped so I rang the Bell and shouted at them ,then I overtook with Difficulty as Cars were Streaming past. I roared at them again,do you know this Cycle lane is for Cyclists Protection and you should not be on it,two Heads popped out the Windows it was two Women.Yes we know and started making excuses so I continued to Roar at them and then continued on my way.

    A few Metres on I heard the sound of what appeared to be a Phone at a huge Volume Ringing away,I did not know where it was coming from. Eventually a big SUV 4+ 4 passed alongside me it was in black and enormous and it had this Horrible Mobile Phone Ringing at an extreme Volume. It was at the same sound level of those People who play their Car Radios at a high Volume and have Drums Booming away. Whoever that Person was in the SUV they must be Deaf with Sound so loud.

    On another occasion a Suv nearly knocked me down while I was Cycling on the Bike Lane. It had encroched onto the Lane and I had to Roar at them to move over to the right. They were not going fast and I was able to see that they had a Mobile to their Ear. The Person just gave me a sidelong glance and moved over and continued on their way without taking the Phone from their Ear. They did not say sorry or wave their hand,I was just an inconvenience to them. Mobile Phone use is banned here for Years now in Ireland and plenty of Motorists are fined but they still continue to use them.

  2. This is one thing that drives me mad - both because people still do it and somehow view it socially acceptable (unlike drink driving), but also because enforcement is lamentably poor. Almost as if the police can't really be bothered about road safety. Bah!