23 January 2010

More about sandwiches

Pleased to see this cargo bike outside freshfood sandwichmongers Pret a Manger in Stamford St the other day. Pret don't appear to mention bikes on their website though.

In London, you don't see many cargo bikes. The ones you do seem to be used solely to ferry sandwiches, cakes and beer. Which says a lot about cyclists' priorities, I suppose.


  1. Back when I went to work that way, every day when I went through Wilmington Square (EC1) at around 8:45 AM, a woman on a bike towing a trailer made out of milk crates used to pass me-- the trailer was filled with about 150 or so filled baguettes. She wasn't immensely obese, so I assume that this wasn't her lunch and she was delivering for a bakery of some sort.

  2. I like the motto of Darwin's Deli, the sandwich company that I think delivers all its sandwiches by bike: 'Darwin's Deli - the natural selection'. Ho ho.

  3. We at Velorution have sold Christiania tricycles to the following:
    Benugo - all branches
    Satori Sushi
    Brompton Quarter
    Al Volo
    Natural Kitchen
    Eat Nuvo
    Pain Quotidien
    Butty Boys

  4. Andrea, that's not fair! Here I am sat hungry at my Mac, and you're tantalising me with the thought of all that food...