06 January 2010

Report from the frozen far north (St Albans)

London's just cold and damp at the moment, with hardly enough settled snow to make a decent snowball out of. However, guest blogger John T (right) has just sent us this report from an arctic-looking Hertfordshire...

Years ago I bought a set of Nokian tyres in preparation for a(nother) trip that didn't come to fruition. Today they saw service in the wilds of Hertfordshire.

The tyres have metal spikes so you find yourself
looking for ice to cycle on. They are clattering and unwieldy on a clear road, but on snow, or preferably ice, they're excellent.

They should be too. They cost more than the bike they're on.

I enjoyed cycling past cars crawling up hills, or getting off to help push, then hopping back on the bike as carefree as I dared away from them.

The only down side is that the bike won't comfortably carry a child seat, so I haven't been able to share the delights of ice cycling with anyone else yet.


  1. Heard the Nokian ones recommended all over. Must be worth the money

  2. I have been riding on the W106 for the last few weeks. It is the third time they have been on the bike since leaving Oslo 9 years ago and they are just as good as ever. Heavy, but the grip is superb. Ice is not a bother, just have to watch out for frozen ruts which can really spoil your day.