22 January 2010

Wrong-side cycling at the Elephant

I like these little bits of the continent in London: double-contraflow places where both you and oncoming cyclists have to keep to the right.

Savoy Court has been Britain's most famous example of a wrong-side 'road', with cars, taxis, cack-handed traffic lights and all. Sadly, it's being semi-pedestrianised, which will spoil that experience.

Cyclists using the separated cycle path in Tavistock Place though can continue to enjoy life on the other side, if briefly, and bewilderingly.

So I was pleased to notice this one (both pics) the other day, on Southwark Bridge Road just north of the Elephant, by Keyworth Street.

I noticed it because I nearly collided with an oncoming cyclist who was as temporarily confused as me.

So why go to Paris for a weekend and pay £6 for an overbranded lager just for the privilege of right-side cycling, when you can do both of those in London?


  1. Christ. You can sort of see what the goal was there, but the execution seems a bit... confusing.

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  3. Here's one on the North Circular:


    Can't work out if they meant to do it like this or not.