30 January 2010

More confusing signs for cyclists

We're all for reducing street clutter. But sometimes this means that bike facilities are used as makeshift signposts, with confusing consequences.

This cycle-hoop in Cleaver Square (right) for instance is labelled 'motorcycles only' - a reference to the bay in front of it, not the post, which presumably would struggle to hold a half-ton Harley.

While this rack on Walworth Road, just outside the excellent 24-7 grocery Oli Centre, is marked 'No loading at any time'. Presumably it means motor traffic, not cyclists filling their panniers.

Not the most confusing sign I've seen, though. On a coach on the M1, somewhere southbound by Luton a few weeks ago, I saw a series of notices with the Bertrand-Russell-style self-referential paradox THIS SIGN NOT IN USE.

1 comment:

  1. The Walworth Road seems a running experiment for weird road signs, strange short bus lanes and obstacle courses of road furniture on the pavements

    Oli's is great. Awesome olives and the only place to but chicken hearts now Sam’s Butchers has closed down.