28 January 2010

New KSI map of London

City Cyclists have produced a new Google map that shows the locations of all accidents resulting in a cyclist killed or seriously injured in London between 2000 and 2009. Some details are provided with each one.

Marked by their red blobs, the accidents look like an attack of measles. Blackspots stand out visually: north ends of bridges; Trafalgar Square; Theobald's Road; Elephant and Castle... all too many more.

Generally it's the junctions, where you have impatient traffic turning across you in a fast tangle of lanes and priorities. Sobering stuff, especially when you see so many KSIs on your doorstep you never heard about.


  1. Just looked at my old route to Queenstown road - glad I didn't see it when I was cycling in London! It confirms my fear of roundabouts, anyway.

  2. Some of the places that I thought would be bad were (Vauxhall, Parliment Sq etc), but some were less (Holborn/Kingsway Junction).
    Most worringly was the A23 were it crosses the A202 by Kennington Park. I use this junction almost anytime I go anywhere by bike.

    I hope TfL use this sort if thing to look at where a road might need changing (or is that too hopeful?).