16 January 2010

The art of dodging puddles

It's a taste of the future: the glaciers on London's roads have all melted. The resulting giant puddles hide all sorts of pothole trouble, where the freeze-thaw cycle has created submerged relief maps of the Kenyan Rift Valley.

Anyway, if your waterproofs are better than mine - whose one-way miracle fabrics perform the trick of letting through the rain, but keeping all the sweat inside - you might nip into Llewellyn Alexander art gallery on The Cut, just opposite the Old Vic. They've got an exhibition of paintings of London.

If your pockets are as shallow as ours you can just play spot-the-bike: we saw seven, not including views of Cambridge colleges which obviously bump up bike count considerably.

The two here are by Fraser King: Bar Italia (top) and Chelsea Embankment (detail, bottom).


  1. My impression of "miracle fabrics" is that they keep the wet all on one side. So if you're sweating more than its raining they suck the rain in to make you wetter. However, with more rain and with a little less sweat they work a bit better.

  2. Love the variety and the 'work-a-day' Londonness of those pics. Very easy to get to the gallery. Outrageous the cycle parking in Emma Cons Garden opposite and the railings have been removed.

  3. I think this is the first picture of Bar Italia I've ever seen without a scooter parked outside.