25 January 2010

Elephant in room: No room in Elephant

Not sure who's at fault here on the Elephant and Castle cycle by-pass, snapped on Saturday: the council, for not painting double yellows all the way to the end? Or the driver? As ever, by extraordinary coincidence, the registration number is again appropriate...

Other sections of this by-pass will, unmodified except for blue paint, form part of the forthcoming Cycle Superhighway route 3. It doesn't bode well.


  1. Wouldn't double yellows across the end of the road (ie below that doctored number plate) do the job?

  2. Wouldn't slashing his tyres, smashing his windscreen and leaving a sarcastic note do the job?

    Oh, sorry, don't know what came over me then! Most unlike me!

    Don't forget to add these infringements to mybikelane - would be nice to have something more than just pictures of ice cream vans on there!

  3. Hah. The registration number is...erm...well, why on earth would anyone have ever gone for that in the first place...and on a shitty corsa as well! Beyond me...they really must be twats.