18 January 2010

Recession Hull: the biking good news

Sad to see in today's news reports that Hull, my old home town, has suffered the largest increase in joblessness since the recession began - and that from a terrible economic position to begin with.

Still, it promotes itself as a cycling city, and with justification. Look at that amount of bike parking in Hull city centre (right) and dream on, Oxford St cyclists!

Why struggle in London's frantic shopping free-for-alls? Up here you can enjoy nice quiet, almost empty shops, and no problems finding a vacant rack, even right outside the main railway station (right).

And Hull should be in a good position to capitalise on the cycling boom people like me keep going on about, as this snap from outside TJ Hughes shows. There must be scope for creating jobs in bike repair, at least.

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  1. i live in hull, and i didnt know that we cycled alot but now youve mentioned it, im quite proud