26 January 2010

A bit of Christiania in the Barbican

Pleased to see this Christiania bike parked outside the Barbican at the weekend. Good to see them involving their kids in cultural activities. Or perhaps they are just borrowing an awful lot of books.

And hats off to anyone who manages to pilot one of these around London. Finding a parking space big enough must be tricky, and finding a cycle lane wide enough even trickier.

They're an easier proposition in Copenhagen, though I didn't actually see any in Christiania itself. But then I've never seen a Brompton parked outside Brompton Oratory.


  1. If you only have one child, perhaps the ultimate London friendly bike is a Brompton plus itChair. Child carrying bike that folds. See http://www.itchair.info/ for more info. I had one until my son grew up and we did miles together including a couple of trips along NCN12 where my son liked the access to South Mimms services. Is it the only Sustrans route with a services?


  2. Sustrans Route 4, where it goes over the old Severn Bridge, not only lets you cycle right alongside a motorway, but also takes you into Aust Services. Very handy if you want overpriced pick'n'mix and an eight quid all-day breakfast, so called because it's been sitting under that heat lamp all day...