24 January 2010

Wholly true, Batman: Alfred rides a Moulton

Alfred, the butler in the camp 1960s kids' TV series Batman, rode a Moulton. He called it the Alfbike, and used it to help rescue Batman when the Batbike broke down.

I learned this at a party on Friday from a Moulton fan. Obviously I don't believe anything I hear at parties, and assumed it was just the beer talking. (I can often hear the beer talking, especially the Zywiec, but I don't understand Polish.)

But no, it's all true, and helpfully summarised on the Moulton Buzz blog. Alfred Pennyworth - Real Cyclist, trouser clips and all - therefore joins Peter Gabriel in the celebrity-Moulton A-list.

Why American popular cinema always makes its villains and butlers English I'm not quite sure, but if they equate Englishness with cycling that's OK by me.

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