11 June 2009

Striking observations

I wasn't in work yesterday, so today was the first time I've cycled in during a Tube Strike.

What a difference! I was impressed with the amount of resourceful people who had got out their rusting old machine from the garage and used it to get to work. Because, yes indeed, car use was certainly up. Many of them seemed to be weaving around a little uncertainly - perhaps they hadn't driven a car for a while.

Not that they could weave that much, as central London's roads were clogged fast. It was like watching someone trying to feed plants with a watering can full of treacle. I don't know how you measure congestion, but a good indicator might be the number of drivers saying 'Tch! Look at all this traffic! This is ridiculous' at any one time.

I tried to take a picture of the jams, but I couldn't because there were too many cars in the way.

There were definitely more people on foot this morning too. Honestly, these so-called pedestrians make my blood boil. They don't signal, they wander out in front of you, and they keep getting in your way. And they don't pay pavement tax. They don't even have insurance - what if one of them crashed into a car, say, and damaged it? And of course they're all the same, with their jogging pants and running shoes and handheld iPods. These smug, greener-than-thou 'pedestrians' should be licensed, taxed and insured so we can track down offenders.

And as for my cycle journey in... it's usually only 30 minutes, but with all the extra traffic and everything this morning, it must have taken me a good half an hour.


  1. The roads from Brixton to the city were better than yesterday. Blackfriers bridge still rubbish at the north end.
    But the lack of bike parking space was an issue, I was considering climbing one of the fire escapes and locking my bike hanging off the edge. But the Broadgate estate would have probably removed it.