06 June 2009

...like a chameleon needs a bicycle

Along London's South Bank, between the Eye and Waterloo Bridge, is a line of street entertainers who dress as wizards, paint themselves gold, and pretend to be a statue. It's a mysteriously lucrative activity.

But my eye was taken by the latest addition to the spray-paint statuary today. It's a chameleon on a bike. Kids were queueing up to fleece their dad for small change to put in the can, upon which the chameleon - and its connected mechanical offspring - pedalled furiously for a few seconds.

But I hope he doesn't cycle home like this. I'm sorry, your honour, I never saw him. He just seemed to blend into the background.

Given the recent legal attitudes to cycle-vehicle accidents, I can't see him getting full damages.


  1. Can we just have a 'Like' button, please? I Like this.

  2. Sure he (she?) would be wearing a bright flourescent jacket and helmet on the way home??

  3. @Jan - thanks! The chameleon cyclist was coining it in as far as I could see, so I expect he can afford to take a taxi home...